As I sit on the precipice of penning my first blog entry I reflect on the regrettable demise of Firefly. A brilliant television show heavily vested in telling the tale of its characters. The show sadly did not find its audience until after it had been summarily broomed under the proverbial rug. It has been speculated the demise came because in this, our age of instant gratification, the show didn’t deliver “punchiness” right out of the blocks. While the cast and crew enjoy a legion of dedicated fans years after this fate befell the show one might say “too little too late.”

Message received.

This is the extent of character development I intend to deliver to you, my audience. As the future of this endeavor unfolds before us, in what I hope is an infinitely nondeterministic universe, I intend to deliver on the instantly gratifying car chases and wildly exaggerated explosions.
Welcome to my razor’s edge between the pragmatic and the idealistic. Welcome to @qualitynerd!